Feeling and Dealing

Touching EmotionsIf you read my posts up to this point, then you have an understanding of my emotional process.

  1. I have some experience that triggers a past memory/emotion that is hard to deal with.
  2. In a “knee jerk” reaction, I stuff/squash that memory/emotion.
  3. Later, this memory/emotion makes it’s way to the surface and I am set off.
  4. My wife (or myself) notices I am having a problem.
  5. I feel and deal with my stuffed/squashed memory/emotion.

here Today, I am focusing on #5 and my process of feeling and dealing with my emotions.

Scary Memory/Emotion

For me, my emotions are the scariest things in the world. They involve fear and pain like a terrified child who wakes up in the middle of the night from a fierce dream only to find him completely trapped dark and scarier bedroom. A fear that hopelessly cries in terror with no response.

http://www.visiteday.com/?phd-doctoral-thesis phd doctoral thesis When these emotions surface, I have 2 options:

  • Squash or stuff it.
  • Feel it and Deal with it

get link Throughout my entire life, I have squashed these feelings.  This has always been a temporary fix that just leads to more hurt feelings.  I have found when I squash my feelings, I cannot tolerate others having feelings.

If I’m feeling jealous, I will squash that feeling of jealously.  If there are others around me like my wife and kids.  If they express feelings such as joy or happiness, my first painful feeling is more jealousy.  After all, how can they feel joy when I am trying to squash my feelings.  How dare they!

You can image this leading to more hurt feelings and me yelling at my wife and kids to shut them down.  Even make them feel the way I do to justify my feelings.

Feel it

http://benamics.com/business-project-plan-template/ The best way to truly end this horrible feeling is to feel it. In someways, this feeling has surfaced (since it’s presented itself in #4). In another way, I am truly trying to stuff it and not see it. Because it is so scary, I fight this feeling with all my will power not to see it.

To finally own this feeling, I have to find it and uncover it. I do this through writing. With writing, I find it is a safe way to express a feeling. I can write some pretty horrible stuff on paper and it won’t effect anyone. I can write my deepest and darkest anger and nobody will get hurt.

What is really great about writing, is you know when you hit the feeling. In my writing, I find myself skirting around he emotion until I hit it. Then the emotional floodgates erupt. The wave of emotions you have been holding back let go and it’s an emotional release that is physically and emotionally powerful.
The bigger the emotion, the more powerful the experience.

Deal with it

Once I find and experience the emotion with the physical and emotional release, I can now deal with that emotion. Along with the emotions comes memories and background. I experience the moment that triggered these emotions. I have to reassure myself these emotions are in the past and things have changed. I am an adult. I cannot change the past, but I can make things better now.


Make sure you are in a safe place. I have an understanding with my wife when I have this emotions, I say, “I have something to deal with.” Then I goto our bedroom and lock the door. This is my safe place. I am not to come out until I have felt the feeling. If I get emotionally worked up, and then have to come out and deal with anything, it could be disastrous.

Make sure you have a safe place and an understanding that you’re dealing with some tough emotions. Interruptions won’t go well.

Also, most of the time, in dealing with my emotions, there is always these thoughts:

  • This is so stupid
  • What a lame emotion
  • These are childish emotions

Well of course their stupid, lame, and childish emotions.  These are usually deep emotional wound that have not been dealt with and need to be.  Do not judge the emotions.  Just write them down.  By labeling these emotions, it’s an attempt to squash/stuff it.  Don’t!  Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with it again.

Feel It!

Deal with it!

Move on!