Hardened Heart

Something I noticed the other day that came to me during done reading I’ve been doing on the saints (Saint John of the Cross and Saint Teresa of Avila). I have a hardened heart.

Research Paper In Operating System You might ask what is a hardened heart? This is a heart that doesn’t take pleasure in anything. It’s a heart that isn’t allowed to experience joy .

click I do understand the concept of pleasure is and joy. I understand there are times when I should be experiencing these emotions. When these emotions happened to me, I would acknowledge as an outside observer and never accept these feelings of pleasure and joy.

Hardened Heart
Accepting your own emotions allows your heart to feel again.

go With a hardened heart, it was like someone giving me a cookie that I would graciously receive, but never allow myself to eat due to some twisted sense of unworthiness.

http://historia-sportu.cba.pl/?need-help-writing-a-narrative-essay With my hardened heart, I was unable to receive these freely given pleasure and joy. As if my heart was encrusted in a rock shell that protected it from damage it received in the past.

enter Recently, I realized my heart had this rock shell surrounding it. I didn’t really know (or want to know) how to break my heart free.

When you have a tough steak, there is a special mallet used to bat the steak to tenderize it.

All my emotional situations have become perfect ways to tenderize my hardened heart. For the last week, whenever I had an emotional problem, I used those moments to breakaway the rock surrounding my heart.

It has been a painful process, but I would imagine such a process would be painful. After all, anytime there is growth, there is always some pain involved.

With my tender heart, I am beginning to finally enjoy some pleasurable moments.