Red or Blue Pill?

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go to link In the Matrix, Neo is offered a red or blue pill. If he takes the red pill, the reality of truth (painful as it is) will be reveled to him. If he takes the blue pill, he will continue in his fabricated reality. Neo takes the red pill and is ripped from his reality and shown the true world he lives in.

source link Since becoming aware of my emotions, I feel like I have taken the red pill myself. Every time I experience my emotions, I find I am moving away from my twisted reality into the real world. Let me explain.

follow url When you deny your emotions, you force yourself to see the world differently to protect yourself from your emotions. For instance, if I want to be happy, I will force myself to see the world in a happy way. If others around me are not happy (my children or my wife), I will ignore or deny their feelings because they do not fit with the world view I want. If something happens to me and I need to feel sad, I will deny myself those feelings also.

This all works great for me except something else happens. I cannot seem to contain my emotions. If I have negative emotions that do not fit in my happy world, my emotions work behind the scenes to create havoc to make me mad at my children or wife until I explode. Once my emotions explode, I am back to normal. Red_pill___Blue_pill_by_Pencilshade
Let me give you a scenario that happens often. I am happy-go-lucky type of guy with a wife and 3 boys. My middle child does something great (like helps his brother with something) and my wife rewards him with extra love. I see all this and something inside me is jealous because I was never rewarded as a child like that. I would stuff/ignore this uncomfortable feeling I have since I am a happy-go-lucky guy. After all, how can a man be jealous of his own kid for something as silly as a reward. My inner self then becomes very jealous and hurts even more because I am ignore it all. My inner self then looks for things my middle child does because my inner self wants revenge. My inner self sees something my middle child does that’s wrong and my emotions explode.

click Before taking the red pill, this is how things would work out. Of course, my wife would get mad at me for exploding my emotions, but I would feel justified in my emotions. This would then lead to a major fight and more emotions.

follow site Now that I have taken the red pill, I catch glimpse of this happening in myself. I am becoming more aware that I do create a reality to fit my emotional needs instead of living in the here and now. It is also easier to see it happening in people around me. I see other parents doing the same thing I do.

It is easy to create our own reality to fit our needs, but it is more true and fair to live in the actual world. This true world is a tough pill to swallow, but I am hoping it is worth it in the end.