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I want to break the cycle of male violence that results from pent up emotions.  I am a man who learned to stuff/bury/hide my emotions. Now, I am trying to learn how to deal to allow my family to truly live.

Catalysts for Perfection

http://www.sgc.utoronto.ca/index4.php?cheap-essay-writing=who-can-write-my-paper-for-me Catalyst: a person or event that quickly causes change or action.
Perfection: a state of completeness and flawlessness.

go to site In my quest for perfection, I have been granted some wonderful catalysts to help me deal with my emotions. I’m not certain where I would be now without them. I guess I would still be a bachelor wrapped up in my little lonely world of myself.

Catalyst #1: My Lovely Wife

http://ippoliti.gr/three-paragraph-essay/ In April 2003, I was bonded with the best woman in the world. We fit together like 2 peas in a pod. Of course, this means our dysfunctions match up perfectly. If we were both emotionally healthy, we would not fit together. We are always growing to perfection.

see url What’s even better about my wife, is she has gone through this emotional development before. She knows the pains I am experiencing. She does not let me emotionally abuse her or the children. She is a catalyst for my change (leading me to perfection).

Catalyst #2: My First Born

Once we were married, we started our family. My first born child was a boy who looks exactly like me. He becomes a catalyst in everything he does. I am continually reminded of emotions and experiences in my past that need to be felt and dealt with.

Catalyst #3: My Second Born

go After a bit of trying to grow our family, I find out I am sterile. It seems our plans to extend our family has taken a turn. We find a wonderful boy in China and after a year, come home with my second bundle of joy.

Purchase A Dissertation Case Study This wonderful boy who has been intrusted to our family is a great catalyst for me. Instead of just one child, I have double the potential for experience and feelings.

Catalyst #4: My Third Born

Once you have adjusted 2 kids, after that more does not matter. Thus we adopted our third born from the same area in China. He is a great child and triples my chances to experience my feelings and emotions.

If you truly want to improve yourself, get married and start a family. With a family as a catalyst, you are forced to deal with your troubles.

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