Not Reacting

see url imageIn my In Shadow post, I mentioned not reacting.

When I look back on my “not reacting” statement, I had a twinge of emotion that said, “that’s just stuffing your emotions again.” I want to clarify this statement.

When I get in shadow, I am in “fight or flight” mode. If I find myself in “fight” mode, I am looking for a fight. I have this perception that if I make the fight happen, it will end the shadow. Of course, this is all happening at a sub-conscience level and I’m not realizing it. I’m only aware of this after the fact when I reflect on myself.

management research papers I end up creating a fight (usually with my lovely wife). This always ends up in creating more problems.

One morning, I was pissed at everything. The dishes weren’t done. The house was a mess. I had to do everything. I was mad and I wanted a fight. I had a moment of clarity where I thought, “I’m just looking for a fight.  If I find a fight, it won’t go well.”

With this thought, I could avoid any serious interaction with my family.  Once I was in a safer place, I was able to reflect and realize I was having some jealousy problems with something that happened the night before.

Don't react to outside emotions.
Don’t react to outside perceptions.

Essay Writing On Health Stuffing your feelings is taking an inside feeling and not dealing with it.

Not reacting is shielding yourself from outside perceptions so it doesn’t turn into inside hurt.

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